Hi, I’m Sarah!

Hi, I’m Sarah!


I’ve been in the travel industry for 11 years working as a travel agent, and have had the opportunity to go to some amazaing places both through work, and on my own holidays.

While travelling I have travelled accross the continents of North and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. My travel experience, combined with on-the job knowledge makes me an exper in all things travel.

This blog is about showcasing some of the exciting destinations I have been to, along with giving you some ideas of what to do in each place.

Most of the time when I travel I like to get outdoors and get the blood pumping. Some of my favorite experiences so far have been paragliding in San Gil, Colombia, trekking Mt. Batur before sunrise in Bali, and snowboarding the freshest powder in Lake Tahoe, California (to name a few!)

This is not a digital nomad blog.  I have a regular 9 – 5 job working at a travel agent, near home in Melbourne, Australia.

The great part about this, is my passion for travel gets a workout while I’m stuck at home paying the bills and saving up for my next adventure.

My work roster works out that I get a 3-day weekend once a month, so my next adventure (even if its local) is never more than three weeks away!


On my days off, I try to pack in as much quality time outdoors as I can. This is usually  hiking, kayaking, camping, hitting the beach, or in the winter, the mountains with my snowboard.



I hope you’ll stick around and continue reading all things rourkeus adventures!

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