Two Bays Walking Track

On the Mornington Peninsula, there is a 28km trail that runs between Port Phillip Bay, and Westerport Bay. It starts at sea level, ascends approximately 700 metres, before descending again to sea level.

At the moment I am training for the Cooloola Great Walk so I am spending a lot of time down along the Two Bays trail. It’s so great, I want to share it, so that others that don’t already know about it can go and enjoy it too.

If you plan to hike the whole trail in one day, you will need to park a car at each end. One end is in Domana, and the other is the Cape Schanck Lighthouse.

Port Phillip Bay, shot from Arthurs Seat; Two Bays Trail.

If you plan to do the whole trail, you will need to allow about seven or eight hours, depending on how quickly you walk, and your level of experience. I highly recommend doing the trail for the first few times in sections. Personally, I break it down into three sections, and do them separately as out and back day trips. I’ll give you the breakdown that I usually do, but I also recommend you consult a few other sources, such as the park notes by Parks Victoria.

Section one: Dromana to Mclarens Dam.

This should be 14km – 17km depending on if you add the Kings Falls Circuit, and a walk around Seawinds.

When we go, we leave by 8am, do seawinds (Arthurs Seat lookout etc) and then get back onto the two bays trail, stopping at all the lookout points etc. There is almost always kangaroos once you get back onto the trail after seawinds which is always exciting no matter how many times I see them!

After seawinds, you will reach a wide open crossroad area. Your choice will be to turn right and head downhill towards Mclarens dam, or to continue straight ahead (and slightly uphill) to complete the Kings Falls Circuit. If you are new to this walking thing, just choose one; The circuit or the Dam (the circuit is the easier of the two).

Once back at the crossroads, head downhill towards Mclarens Dam. This is such a picturesque place. On the walk down the hill towards the damn, I have seen Kangaroos, Lizards, Kookaburras and other native birds, and even an Echidna! This is definitely the spot where you want to bring your international friends!

Mclarens Dam is a great spot to make your lunch break spot if its your turnaround point for the day, or perhaps a morning tea stop if you are doing a one way all day hike. There is a huge pine tree by the dam that provides shade almost any time of day. The shade, combined with the tranquility of the dam makes for a great rest stop to refuel for the rest of your journey.

The misleading part of an out-and-back hike is that you will have just as much energy on the way back, as what you did on the way there. You can, provided you carry enough food. I suggest earing a small day pack sized backpack, and carrying some lightweight snacks like fruit, some trail mix, and my new favorite, some smooshed wholefood balls. Woolies has had them on sale for half price lately and I have to tell you, I am a huge fan of the Apricot & Cacao balls.

After lunch, simply head back the way you came. Dont curse too much on the way back up the hill (the kangaroos will hear you!) And don’t forget to stretch once you get back to the car!

I’ll add in sections two and three in the next few days. Cant wait to tell you about my favorite part of the trail!!


Til next time,



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