Hi, I’m Sarah!

I created this blog to record all of my adventures and travel stories in one place, and I’ll throw in some solid travel advise for good measure.

I’m a travel agent, and have been for 10 years. On my days off work, I try to pack in as much hiking, kayaking, camping, and mini-adventures in the great outdoors as I can. If I can scoreone week off, I’ll try and spend it camping or hiking. If it’s any longer, I’ll try to get further afield, either interstate or overseas.

Just because you’re living the domesticated life, does not mean you should ever give up on your wanderlust. Every Aussie gets four weeks annual leave, plus a string of public holidays.

It’s how you spend that time off that counts.

Even before my career in travel, I had a passion for travel, going back as far as I can remember.

Just like most intrinsically intrepid souls, I’ve dreamt of packing up everything I own and embarking on a big leave-it-all-behind trip around the world; But I so far, I haven’t managed to do it. I know I’ll get there one day, but until then, I’ll settle for getting as much out of every week of annual leave, long weekend and RDO as I possibly can.

I hope you’ll stick around and continue reading all things rourkeus adventures!